We create apps

We put in the head of any our development user friendliness. If at some stage we understand that the application is not convenient in some way, then we discard this part and redo it as it should.


CompasBP - is primarily a team of enthusiasts. We have all the time provocative and unique tasks. We each time take such a seemingly incomprehensible task and put it on the shelves. Further, when it no longer represents anything complicated, we simply decorate it into a finished product.

In each of our products, we put parts of ourselves, we can say we do our work with the soul and our main result is satisfied customers and users.


Employee communication

We made BP Chat - so that you can easily combine your employees in one program. You see all your colleagues and can quickly and conveniently interact from anywhere in the world.

Task Management

We made BP Planner for the convenience of working with our tasks, and also connected it with BP Chat and Compas ERP - now you can easily manage the process from anywhere, as well as always be aware of the state of affairs in your company.

Inventory control

We have made BP Container - a program for quick and easy entry of "objects" for warehouse accounting, now the warehouses are under control from anywhere in your company.

Do you need application development?

Contact us and we will discuss how to implement your tasks.