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Please read installation and usage instructions of ChatBox.

Application Chat BOX Server

Server part of the system is easy to install, easy to use and installed in a couple of clicks. It functions as the service of your PC and runs on computers running Windows OS.

Free server part for Windows (no more than 3 users)

Client Application Chat BOX

Chat client is easy to install and easy to use, running on computers under Windows OS, phones, and tablets for Android OS. Application allows you to exchange text information and any multimedia files of large volume.

Chat client for Windows x64 (FREE)

Chat client for Android (FREE)

Communicate privately with family and colleagues

All your relatives, friends, colleagues, whom you add to your contacts, are available in your private chat. Ask a question to anyone. Find out some nuance for your tasks or send pictures from the weekend. You can communicate with any contact, exchange any files and always be in touch, if you have access to the Internet.

Create group chats

You can join a group of contacts into one chat and organize a private group for communication. Share information with colleagues and relatives or organize a group mailing of important information. For example, you can join all colleagues into one chat and write down all the plans for a week in a group called "Meeting in May"; or if you need to inform several contacts, create a group "News", add everyone to it and write to all at once.

Share documents and files

Use chat to transfer files within the company. Send photos to your relatives. Exchange confidential documents, only you will have access to them and the contact to which it was intended. All information is stored on your server, which is located on your PC and nobody except you personally can access it.

Easy server installation

You do not have to hire a system administrator for setting Chat Box. You will also cope with its installation. Just run the setup file on your PC, if necessary, the installer will tell you everything. Chat Box is designed so that you do not have to do anything once again, it can work both in a local network, and through the Internet.

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